12th Annual DC Plant Swap

12th Annual DC Plant Swap Details:
hosted by Washington Gardener Magazine

What: A Plant Swap — bring and receive free plants to expand your garden

Why: Free Plants!
Fall is a perfect time to get them in the ground.

Date: Sunday, September 22

Time: starting at 2pm bring your plants for sorting by category (shade perennial, groundcover, herb, etc.) — swap starts promptly at 2:30pm — do not be late (the swap goes fast and can be over in a matter of minutes!) – after swapping, we can socialize, snack, and trade more info on the plants we brought – we plan to conclude and be cleaned up by 3pm.

Place: US National Arboretum’s M Street parking lot (former State Grove Parking lot) – NEW location!

Weather: This event is rain or shine. In case of a bad storm, we will cancel.

Who: anyone is welcome as are any of your friends, relatives, or neighbors — it is FREE — feel free to forward on this invitation

How: be prepared to BRIEFLY introduce yourself and describe your plant swap offerings

~ a name tag – home-made or from work or school — whatever works
~ pen and paper – you will want to take lots of notes as folks describe the plants and their growing conditions
~ plants to swap – pot them up NOW — the longer they can get settled in their pots, the better their chance of success and survival – (no plants to share? see note below)
~ labels – fully label all your swap plants with as much info as you have – optimally that will include: common and scientific name, amount of sun needed, amount of water needed, any other special care notes, and color of the blooms (if it is not currently in flower)

What kind of plants to bring: you can bring houseplants, native plants, vegetable plants, ornamental garden plants, water garden plants, annuals, perennials, biennials, shrubs, trees, cuttings, seeds, etc.

What NOT to bring: common orange daylilies* and any invasive species – use this list (http://www.mdinvasivesp.org/list_terrestrial_plants.html) to screen your plant offerings
*Hybrid daylilies are fine and totally welcome, but the common orange ones (aka “Ditch Lilies”) usually end up with no takers and we are stuck having to throw them out as yard waste.

What if you do not have plants to swap? Come anyway! Bring refreshments like cold drinks and yummy finger foods to share with the other swappers.

AFTER the Swap: Enjoy the beauty of the US National Arboretum’s plant collections

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