DIY: Flower Mandala

The mandala is Sanskrit for “sacred circle” of the cycle of life and is a concept shared by most cultures around the globe.

You can create a mandala in a hidden spot in your garden or on a table-scape for a special event or just for fun. If you place it in a spot that others may accidentally stumble across it, that is even more fun to brighten someone’s day and see their reactions.

This is a very easy craft that can be done by anyone with just simple materials gathered from your own landscape.


• flower petals, leaves, stems, and seeds — harvested from the garden
• paper and pencil (optional) or chalk


1. Gather various plant materials — the more colorful the better. I used marigolds, sedum, garlic chives, begonia leaves, sunflowers, marigolds, and butterfly bush.

2. If working outdoors, find a roughly round base. In my case, I had an old stepping stone I used. You could also use a wooden stump or a manhole cover. You could also draw a circle using sidewalk chalk. (If working indoors, take a pencil and draw or trace a circle onto a sheet of paper.)

3. Assemble your mandala. You can be as meticulous or as carefree as you like. Some people take hours to do a small one and are very precise in their placement (hint: use tweezers), while others use a freehand and let the materials fall where they may. You are done when it pleases you.

Tip: This is an ephemeral craft so take a photo so it lasts longer for you. The next strong wind or rain could erase it and that is exactly how it should be.

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