DIY: Mosquito Trap Water Garden

Mosquitos can make gardening in summer miserable. To cut down on their population, make a few of these “traps” for them to lay their eggs in. This won’t kill existing mosquitos, but it will eliminate some of the next generations by diverting their egg-laying activities.
1. Select a water-holding container and fill it with rain water. 
2. Add Mosquito Bits or a Mosquito Dunk. (Bits will need to be replaced weekly, while the Dunk should last about a month.)  Note that Mosquito Bits/Dunks conatin BTI BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae, which is not harmful to people, wildlife, plants, fish, or pets. 
3. Add chopped up grass or a few weeds to the water and stir. Studies show the mosquitos are more attracted to breed in water with a bit of plant decay in it, rather than totally clear water or very dirty water. (Who knew they were so picky!?!)
4. Add a decorative element to the water garden. You can put in floating water plants like Water Lettuce or Water Hyacinth. You could add stones or pebbles, if it is a clear or shallow container. You can float cut flowers in it like this gorgeous example from Chanticleer Garden.

Thanks to Peg Bier of Merrifield Garden Center for the original idea. I have been experimenting and perfecting on it all this summer.

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