DIY: Painted Garden Gloves

I go through garden gloves like toilet tissue. I have tried every kind of glove, from dollar-store cheap to ridiculously expensive. Some last longer than others, but I have learned that I bust through the right-hand thumb and index finger first and the rest of the glove starts to go soon after. So, I buy several pairs of cheaper ones to have in rotation depending on the gardening task of the day.  
For fun, I get out my box of fabric paints and decorate them. This can be as simple as painting on your initials to as complex as a watercolor landscape. 
This is a suitable project for doing with children or with your garden club. 
– Brushes (optional)
– Glitter and Other Accessories, as desired


Step 1-  Wash the gloves and thoroughly dry them. Lay out newspapers on your work surface. Get out your paints and supplies and decide on a design.

Step 2 – Start painting. You can use either fabric paint or craft acrylics. Use a foam brush for base coats, then moving to finer brushes for painting finer details. (Note that with fabric paint, you will not be able to clean and re-use the brushes.) One trick I learned is to draw your design with a pencil then outline it in black, then fill in.

Step 3 – Add glitter, buttons, sequins, scrap fabrics–whatever you like!

Step 4 – Hang them to dry for 24 hours to make sure the paint cures completely. 

Step 5 – Wear them!


  • You can use stencils to decorate them, if free-hand painting is not your strong suit.
  • This craft can be as complex or simple as you desire. Stop when you are happy with it or keep going and adding to it as you like.
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