Fenton Friday: Harvest Donation

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Earlier this week, a few of us at the Fenton Street Community Garden gathered up some excess produce to donate to Shepherd’s Table soup kitchen in downtown Silver Spring, MD.

From my plot, I gathered ‘Rainbow’ Swiss Chard, Broccoli, and Cauliflower. Donations from other plots included tomatoes, cucumber, and zucchini. I can imagine a nice vegetable soup from these contributions.

It was another hot week and every day we were promised flooding rains, but instead they went north or south of us. It is getting quite stressful watching the storm fronts flare up on the radar daily and then getting nothing here. One bonus: where we haven’t watered, the weeds are parched and dying back. 

At the cistern, honeybees are desperately trying to drink from the dripping faucet handles, so I put a few container lids out a bit of water in each to give them something to land in and drink from. I’ll dump these out and refill them daily until the rains return.

What is growing in your edible garden this week?

About Fenton Friday: Every Friday during the growing season, I share an update on my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden just across the street from my house in zone 7 Mid-Atlantic MD/DC border. I’m plot #16. It is a 10 ft x 20 ft space and this is our 8th year in the garden. (It opened in May 2011.) See past posts about our edible garden by putting “Fenton” into the Search box above.

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