Fenton Friday: Kale Sprouting

Kale seedlings

We had another very dry week here. Which meant watering the newly planted seedlings every day. It was a relief to see that the Kale seedlings sprouted and so have some carrot seeds.

Today, I added a row of Cilantro seeds. It is not the easiest thing to grow here – every bug and critter likes to chew on it – and the hot weather can make it bitter, but I figured why not give it a go as I have the space and plenty of extra seeds.

The tomato plants are still producing and the marigolds are blooming their heads off. I have one – just one – red okra  and I think I should be digging out my sweet potato soon if I want to have time to cure it.

Carrot seedlings

How is your edible garden growing this week?

About Fenton Friday: Every Friday during the growing season, I’ll be giving you an update on my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden just across the street from my house in zone 7 Mid-Atlantic MD/DC border. I’m plot #16. It is a 10 ft x 20 ft space and this is our 8th year in the garden. (It opened in May 2011.) See past posts about our edible garden by putting “Fenton” into the Search box above.

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