Fenton Friday: Last of the Okra

The nights are starting to cool off so the tomatoes have slowed down and I think the okra is about done too.

The kale has really taken off and the cilantro seeds have germinated.

Now is the struggle to decide which parts of the plot to turn over full to cover crops, which will remain “in production,” and finally, which to just mulch over with straw. It is always a crapshoot guessing on when the first real frost will hit and what space I may need set aside for the garlic. With the prolonged drought we have been experiencing since early August, I am about ready to pack it all in for the year. How about you?

How is your edible garden growing this week?

About Fenton Friday: Every Friday during the growing season, I’ll be giving you an update on my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden just across the street from my house in zone 7 Mid-Atlantic MD/DC border. I’m plot #16. It is a 10 ft x 20 ft space and this is our 8th year in the garden. (It opened in May 2011.) See past posts about our edible garden by putting “Fenton” into the Search box above.

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