Keeping the " Mood " with the Bedroom " Vintage "

melia Allen of had a special idea for the arrangement of your bedroom . According to him , the bedroom is not just a place to sleep , but also the right area to restore the ” mood ” .
Idea Allen is actually not difficult . He says , rather than choosing room decorations that seem heavy , decorating ” vintage ” seems right for you .
As quoted by the Huffington Post , the look ” vintage ” you can achieve by combining some elements of classic design with precise colors and elements . You did not have to rack my brain hard . Here are some things you can do at home :
First , look for decor elements that are not everlasting . No matter the trend is rampant today , the items ” vintage ” can make the room look beautiful .
The decor is ” vintage ” was able to bring the feel of nostalgia and romance . Unfortunately , the decor is synonymous with things soft and beautiful that is less suitable for all men . This decorating style is generally preferred women.
Try starting with the use of a beautiful bed frame iron . You could also use a French -style wooden bed . Garnish with padded cushions are comfortable , and kombionasikan with eclectic accessories .Second , ornamental walls of your bedroom . Choose a neutral or pastel colors . Then , select the style also to decorate the walls . Stylish lace pattern fits perfectly with the look ” vintage ” . Pair those walls with shades of soft goods from brass or other antiques .
Lastly, make yourself at the back of the head of your bed . If you are reluctant to use a metal framed bed , this could be an interesting alternative in decorating your bedroom . This method is able to provide a personal touch in your bedroom .
Meanwhile , a different approach can also do to make the room look ” vintage ” . The trick , make sure you combine items bermaterial “raw ” with soft goods , traditional , and a little glamor .
Highlight architectural features such as stone , blocks of wood , and brick with a bed and a sofa that is soft and comfortable . Enter also a chair, desk , credenza , and traditional dressers . Do not forget to include a little bit of glamor with beautiful lighting .

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